Supply, installation, servicing, repair
of power and technological equipment,
manufacture and assembly of steel structures

Secondary activity of the company is to provide repairs service including revisions and the supply of new lifting equipment from BRANO SLOVAKIA, a.s.TECHMONT MOCHOVCE, Ltd. set up in collaboration with BRANO SLOVAKIA, Ltd. service location for lifting equipment repair and servicing of all types and loads.

The company is working with inspection authority selected technical lifting devices according to § 16 of Decree No. 508 / 2009 Z.z., holding the certificate ev. No. 172 / 4/2011-ZZ-A-Ba, C2 issued by the Technical Inspection, Inc. Trnavská cesta 56, 821 01 Bratislava under § 16 of Act No. 124/2006 Z.z. safety and health at work.